Pro-choice is not pro-death

Reader Input
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In this day and age we have violence, hatred and a slew of economical problems. If you’re able to successfully raise a child, I applaud you. I, however, am in no position to raise a child and I can’t help but wonder, what if a young woman, like I, were raped and consequently impregnated? You could choose to try and raise a baby, or you could end the pregnancy before the fetus is viable. Hillary Clinton said, “I have met thousands ... of pro-choice men and woman. I have never met anyone who is pro-abortion.” I am not pro-abortion or “pro-death.” I’m pro-critical-decision-making. I am pro-choice. I recently read a troubling article, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” One line I found to be asinine was one that said abortion is “contrary to the most rudimentary aspects of natural law.” Have you ever heard of a miscarriage? It’s an abortion of a fetus without human instigation. It does, indeed, occur in nature. Many people believe when a miscarriage takes place, it’s simply God taking another angel. If you believe your god is one of equality and justice, this does not make sense. I could go on, but ultimately, we have a separation of church and state. You cannot make laws based off of religious beliefs; you can be immature and call anyone who disagrees with you a “callous, nihilistic, vulture” but it still doesn’t change that fact. In conclusion, I would like to make it clear I am not interested in a religious debate. Please, though, do not pretend to be someone who values life; I am a good person, but by your standards I deserve death and eternal damnation. Personally, I’m much more concerned with the lives of people who are already here. Hallie Wenz, Foresthill