Professor’s tale has some flaws

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Your guest editorialist Kathleen Parker was thoroughly enamored with her scientist Christian professor from Florida, but for the life of me, I can’t see why (Journal, May 11). He says he believes in evolution and Christianity, but isn’t going along with the idea that God created the Earth in six days, about 6,000 years ago, like the Bible says. I’m just a chiropractor, but even I can figure that one out! Ask any Christian true believer if God is all-powerful and all-knowing and they will say “Yes”. The way I look at it, an all-powerful all-knowing God not only could have created an Earth complete with an evolutionary history, but would have done it that way because it’s more interesting and more beautiful and fascinating. Just the other day, my chiropractor-colleague Dr. Keith Smith was working my kinks out, and we were talking about how many Christian parents are keeping their kids out of public schools because they don’t want them taught evolution. “What I can’t figure,” Keith said, “is why nobody’s saying that when God created Adam, he didn’t start with an embryo. He created a mature human being. So why would people think that God would start with an embryo Earth and wait around for billions of years for it to grow up? Of course he wouldn’t do that! He’d just create it right then with all the evolution built in.” So the way I figure it, it looks to me like that brilliant Kathleen Parker and her genius scientist Christian professor from Florida need to come visit a couple of California chiropractors for instruction in how to think. Gordy Ainsleigh, Meadow Vista