For-profit health care not for us

Reader Input
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Health care reform is designed to address current problems and ensure we have an access plan for all citizens. Emergency rooms are not a solution. Wellness or preventive health maintenance is a solution. How to achieve this, of course, is the question. Any form of health care requires some type of administrative oversight, whether it be private, public, or some combination. Today, the private option does it with a profit incentive. Denying care improves profitability of health care companies. Some businesses have internalized the value of preventive care, and incent employees and health care administrators to pursue preventive care approaches. This approach however, is woefully under-promoted. Let’s address the current shortcomings, and develop an access plan for all. Private health care companies are not evil, but they sure are spending a lot of money bribing our elected officials to keep the status quo. Anyone who says everything is OK today is uninformed or being disingenuous. Current proposals in Congress will not kill senior citizens or children. Those saying so are fear mongers, and not serving the public good. Beware the words of those who are lining their pockets with money. They do not have your interests at heart. Chris Hamm, Meadow Vista