Progressives need logic

Reader Input
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All you liberal progressives: Please try to use some logic re: 1. anti corporation and business, 2. anti banks, 3. anti Wall Street. It is corporations and business that provide jobs! For every tax hike to pay for all your entitlements another job is lost. Banks are needed to loan you money to buy your car, your house, etc. There are countries where you cannot get a loan to buy a home – cash only. Wall Street is needed for the investment to business and this provides income for many middle class investors for their retirement. In order to provide jobs they all need to make a profit. If, instead of borrowing the future of our children and giving all that money for bailouts, pork projects and buying the auto companies, this administration had reduced taxes for business, the unemployment would have been reduced. It has been proven by Reagan. Look it up! In order to have all these “free” entitlements, you progressives need to remember people need jobs and so business and corporations and banks need a profit to hire! Wake up! All these taxes are passed on to you, the consumer. We would like to know which Socialist country should we be following? Cuba, Russia, France, Venezuela? How much more in taxes do you want to pay? Why do you think so many corporations have moved? It is not only because of cheaper non-union labor but also taxes. People form a business to make a profit and not to pay for every “free” social program you progressives can think of to establish. How many jobs are you progressives responsible for? JOHN and PAT SMITH, Lincoln