Project aims to change diapers

Reader Input
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I am writing in hopes of finding like-minded, eco-conscious individuals to join an international attempt to break a world record, for most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. The effort is coined “The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011.” I have learned that a single (disposable) diaper takes more than 500 years to decompose. We seem to have lost touch with certain simple aspects of life: line-drying clothes, for another example. So, a year ago, I spent some time dabbling in research and created an online wish list for an experimental pool of the new generation of cloth diapers, covers, liners and the like. My mom jumped at the opportunity to support me in my quest and fulfilled that wish list. When my son arrived, I excitedly juggled different types and styles, discovered which brand I liked best, and through Facebook aligned myself with other mothers across the nation, in whom I found support. Unfortunately, I am not aware of anyone near me that is also cloth diapering, with whom I can join forces to participate in this quest to bring attention to a cause. I’m curious to know if there’s anyone else out there ... anyone? Rochelle Garcia, Colfax