Prop. 16 pushes a monopoly

Reader Input
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Terry and Betty Crouson of Newcastle must have cheaper PG&E rates than I (“Vote yes on Proposition1 16,” Reader Input, March 15). Proposition 16, the so-called Taxpayers Right to Vote Act, prevents the formation of local utility districts and prevents SMUD from expanding into other districts. As of March 12, PG&E has given $15.5 million to the campaign for a “yes” vote on this measure, and is the only donor. They expect to spend between $25 million and $35 million to get it passed. It’s cheaper for them, long-term, to spend that money than to wage an individual fight every time a local government tries to form a competitive utility district so they can provide consumers with lower cost electricity. This is the worst kind of special interest ballot proposition, allowing one corporation to become a near-monopoly. Check it out before you vote. Chris Phipps, Auburn Dog portrait impresses