Prop. 8 does not take away anyone’s civil rights

By: Your Views
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I’m not a registered voter and I’m not allowed to vote. But I do applaud and commend everyone who does and all those who stepped up in record numbers to have their vote heard and counted! By the election results, it appears that the voters read and understood their choices and made educated, knowledgeable decisions while making their choices. This is the second time the voters in California have voiced their decision pertaining to the banning of gay marriages. Proposition 8 in its entirety does absolutely nothing to take away civil rights from a chosen lifestyle — nor does it impose any mandatory lifestyle changes on any lifestyle. It does protect the sanctity of marriage that’s been in place since the beginning of time. The voters said, “Don’t impose your lifestyle on us” and “Yes, we have the right to voice our lifestyle as well.” The Constitution states that we are “guaranteed” freedom of speech. Yes, that includes non-gays as well. Why are they so determined to be a separate society? Aren’t they Americans? Today, Nov. 12, I heard on the news that a theater director was forced to resign his/her position because of supporting Prop.8. We are a democratic society. The people have spoken. Sacramento elected a black mayor. The nation elected our first black president. Yes, the people have spoken, loud and clear — on Proposition 8 as well. Isn’t it time to really let the voters’ votes count? By the elections I truly thought this great state and nation stepped up and made bold and decisive statements. Isn’t it time someone took a stand and told the gay faction “Get a life — other people have the right to vote, and freedom of speech as well.” Hank Kennedy Auburn Jail