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Prop. 8 money would have been better spent on needy

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Apparently, pointing out hypocrisy among the Christian right is considered, by some, to be grounds for being accused of hating Christians. I stand by my position that time, energy, and money spent on Proposition 8 and future related litigation would be better spent on helping the misfortunate. Although I am not a member of an organized church, I find the teachings of Christ (not what some contrive him to have said or meant) to be valuable in leading a good life, especially on how to treat others. Also, most of my friends and relatives consider themselves Christians and know my respect and love for them. I have special admiration for great Christians who have lived (not just talked) Christ-like lives, such as Caesar Chavez or Martin Luther King. Having stood up against discrimination, as well as social and economic unfairness, it is hard to imagine either of them supporting discriminatory legislation, though one has the right to speculate otherwise. I respect the right of anyone to vigorously criticize my viewpoints but expect careful reading and avoidance of misquotes. And please do not presume hateful feelings on the part of people you do not know personally, just because they challenge your viewpoints. Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn