Prop. 8 not about equality

Reader Input
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I do hope all those readers who may bemoan the California Supreme Court decision regarding Prop. 8 will apply more than fuzzy feel-good sympathy toward the losing side. As gay activists would have you believe, it is all about equality. Wrong. If we were to apply that criteria then why not equality for polygamy, incestuous relationships, adults with minors or ... well, use your imagination. There are those who would laugh at this argument. After all, surely, there is nothing unnatural about their lifestyle. They are charming, funny and loveable. Hollywood tells us it is so. Of course years ago the on-screen drunk was a figure of humor, a slapstick comedian, yet we know now that alcoholics are often abusive and can injure and kill people when they get behind the wheel or a car. I use this comparison only to point out that “spin” can make anything look good and acceptable. Being gay just is, with no confirmed genetic or scientific explanation, and sometimes a result of childhood events and even choice given the promiscuity of sexual behavior in today’s world. The gay agenda is about acceptance, full and complete, and once the final legal and societal barrier has been breached they can and will push further: into schools, churches and any organization which holds to a different standard or belief. While not politically correct, the voters who said “yes” to Prop. 8 instinctively got it right. I encourage folks to use their heads on this issue and not a misdirected sense of equal justice, for we will be engaged in this battle again. Linda Thompson, Meadow Vista