Property neither your dump nor ashtray

Reader Input
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I live in Meadow Vista at the north end of town. My east property line is Placer Hills Road. This letter is to all of you that dump garbage and toss cigarette butts on my property. I spent four days last week cutting/clearing/raking and hauling along 120 feet of my property line. While doing so I was not a happy camper with the mess you left me. For those of you who choose to dump/toss/throw garbage, I ask you to please stop. At the end of June I crawled on my hillside picking up trash filling a 42-gallon trash bag. I again filled up a 42-gallon trash bag last week. I found a potpourri of trash — grocery bags, glass, aluminum and paper beverage containers, shoes, clothing, soiled diapers, fast-food containers and bags. Why can’t you put a trash bag in your vehicle? It is as simple as that. I was able to do the 120 feet of cleanup last week because I am unemployed, on disability for stress and I had the help to do it. My question to smokers is, what gives you the right to just toss cigarette butts anywhere with no concern for people’s homes and properties? I would really like to know why you do it. Do you not see the forest through the trees? Do you not realize that the biggest threat to the Meadow Vista community is fire? Not only Meadow Vista but also all of California is in constant threat from people who choose to just toss it and not use an ashtray. In closing, I would like to thank you for not tossing your trash and/or starting forest fires. Have a great day. CHERIE HOLM, Meadow Vista