Property tax goes chiefly to education

Reader Input
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Re: “Education now feeding off the people” (Allen Cassidy, Reader Input, March 12): The last breakdown in the property tax bill indicated that 61.86 percent of the property tax in Placer County went to education. As I remember, there is also a large portion of the state general fund that goes to education and there is the lottery, which should be ample monies for all the school systems. Are the teachers being compensated in proportion to the administrators? A year or so ago a person told me that the office help made a better salary than the substitute teachers. Is that fair? According to the information on the “Breakdown of $1 of Property Tax,” the cities get 7.21 percent, redevelopment agencies (which, I believe, are no longer in existence) 3.82 percent, multi-county special districts (2) 2.66 percent and special districts (1) 6.23 percent. This breakdown is old but has been kept for reference. There is no percentage for protection of corporations. Allen, please clarify. MARY ANN FRANK, Auburn