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Proposed law on unions would be bad for business

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As a small business owner and taxpayer, I wanted to make sure that people know about a very dangerous bill being proposed in Congress — the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. The EFCA would eliminate union-organizing elections and replace them with a card-check system that would force an employer to recognize a union when half of his or her employees “sign” cards in support of organizing. With a card-check system, a union could approach individual employees and pressure them to sign an authorization card. This kind of coercive organizing method does a disservice to both the employer and employee. If the union is confident that the employees want to be organized, then they should not have a problem with a private ballot election. EFCA also contains a provision that mandates compulsory, binding arbitration on the employer and the employees as part of the collective bargaining process. This misguided language would have a third-party government official making labor contract decisions that are binding in both parties. This would mean that the small business owner would have no real voice in his own business nor would the union employees be provided with the opportunity to vote on their new contract. This legislation runs counter the ideals of free enterprise and democracy. These values have made America the great nation that it is today, and I hope that you will join me in urging our elected officials to support these ideals. Joe Clark Roseville