Proposition 16 deserves a no

Reader Input
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When I see ads for Proposition 16, I am angered by the fact Pacific Gas and Electric is spending millions to intentionally mislead voters to take action that allows PG&E to keep its monopoly. They have stooped to the level of calling Proposition 16 the Taxpayers Right to Vote Act. The proposition requires local governments that want to have a utility to obtain two-thirds vote. A two-thirds vote is also required for an existing public utility to extend service to new areas. If Proposition 16 passes, the two-thirds requirement, plus PG&E’s advertising campaigns, will make it virtually impossible for communities to have an option other than PG&E. PG&E has spent more than $25 million promoting a “yes” vote for Proposition 16. In 2006, PG&E waged a successful $10 million ad campaign against SMUD annexation of Yolo County. Yet, PG&E, which supposedly has the voters’ best interests at heart, has asked the California Public Utilities Commission for approval to raise rates by more than $1 billion next year. Currently, a bill for $377 for PG&E costs $173 based on Roseville Electric’s rates for the same kilowatt hours. To ensure utility company choice in the future, please vote no on Proposition 16. Helen Olafsen, Rocklin