Prosecutor left poor impression

Reader Input
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In regards to the Paul Kovacich murder trial, I have no opinions if he is guilty or not however I do know that (prosecutor) Daniel Gong took it very personal and was completely unethical as I was brought to the pre-trial as an appraiser expert for Kovacich’s son, John. I appraised two homes in Phoenix for John as John was trying to get money together for his father’s bond. Daniel Gong hired an appraiser to dispute the values of the homes that I appraised and both myself and the other appraisers were brought to court to defend our appraisals. My appraisals were ruled to be the most complete so Daniel Gong filed a complaint with the Arizona Board of Appraisals with false accusations. The complaint was immediately dismissed but there was no reason for Mr. Gong to do that and try to jeopardize my way of living. I will never forgot the fact that Mr. Gong was totally unprofessional when I was on the stand and his actions after the fact were truly personal. Based on the false accusations that he made up I seriously wonder how honest of a man he is. Kevin Fitzpatrick, Saint Charles, Missouri