Protect city from the state

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We are (close to) making a critical decision for our city. Measure A would create a Charter City for Auburn. The opposition to Measure A is using ?sound bite? arguments to defeat the measure. They will say ?look at the corruption in Bell, CA. They will say if it ?aintbroke, don?t fix it?! The truth is there is a small part of our system that is broken. That part is the state government borrowing or stealing our money, creating more and more unfunded mandates, and dictating an artificially higher rate we are required to pay on projects. We can?t avoid all interference from the state, but we can gain more local control and autonomy if we pass Measure A. The opposition leaders stood in council chambers and declared that they would support the Charter if we removed the section that exempted certain projects from prevailing wage. Yet, now they represent that they are opposed to the Charter as a whole. DO NOT be fooled. The opposition is about preserving prevailing wage, and they will stop at nothing to protect their own self- interest.The people running the Opposition to Measure A are lobbyists and political strategists. They make a living by manipulating the truth so it gives their campaign more credibility. In this instance, they have manipulated the truth to a point where it no longer IS the truth. They have recruiteda few former leaders of this town who served 10-20 years ago, and are using them to con the rest of you into thinking their campaign has more credibility than it actually has. Supporters of Measure A include 8 former mayors (Maki, Sands, Snyder, Lichau, Nesbitt, Kirby, Powers,& Holmes) who have served recently and are more up-to-date with expensive mandates. Measure A is also supported by 4 McCann Award winners and has the endorsement of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. What infuriates me the most about the disinformation in the opposition?s campaign is the comparison to Bell, CA, and the corruption that occurred. The people of Auburn are too involved and informed for that to ever happen here. The council would get thrown out on its? ears if it tried some of the shenanigans that happened in Bell. Please don?t let the opposition insult your intelligence any more. We are a village led by selfless and principled people. Don?t let big business and labor unions dictate the policies of our village. Keith Nesbitt, Mayor and Resident of Auburn