Protest supported freedom of speech

Reader Input
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I normally don’t mind the cartoons, no matter which side of an issue they are on, but I took umbrage at the one in your paper today (Visual Viewpoint, Andy Lukkonen, Aug. 8) portraying those who supported Chick-fil-A as being anti-gay.
That’s not what this response was about. It was protesting an elected person trying to officially suppress the rights of a businessman to do business in his area because he disagrees with the man’s personal viewpoint.
Everyone has a right to voice his opinion as long as it doesn’t maliciously slander someone else. No one, especially an elected official, has the right to try to harm him because of it. If there was a Chick-fil-A place here, I would have gone and eaten there — not because I’m anti-gay, but because I’m pro-freedom of speech and against anyone trying to violate our rights. As far as I’m concerned, any elected official that did what those few officials did, ought to be removed from office.
Marcia Winborne-Graven, Lake of the Pines