Proud prude speaks out

Reader Input
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Thank you, CBS, for the removal of California Sun bikini girl from our sight (Journal, June 10). And what a great replacement of the SPCA advertisement. So worthwhile and to be reminded of a great cause to support. Mike Blore and I definitely have a different meaning for what is tasteful for our small town, along with the other “several people” who approved of this ad. Yes, there are several other inappropriate commercials and ads around malls and on TV stations. It doesn’t mean there should be. As morale continues to weaken in our society we are being desensitized of what is inappropriate, especially for children. I’m not sure what the billboard was trying to sell besides sex. The swimsuit bottom couldn’t get any smaller. Why is the ad more appropriate if the model is a local girl? Consider this letter a negative call, Mr. Blore. One old prude in Auburn. DEBORAH LINDGREN, Auburn