Psychological evaluation ordered for Auburn stabbing suspect

William Mehard allegedly used victim’s knife in murder attempt
By: Jon Schultz, Journal Staff Writer
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More than two and a half months since police arrested William Mehard on a charge of attempted murder, the Auburn 24-year-old remains in the arraignment process in Placer County Superior Court and has been ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

Mehard, who allegedly stabbed a man on Sept. 7 at an Auburn apartment complex, remains in custody at Placer County Jail without bail, and at his last court date Monday, he had his arraignment continued to 8:30 a.m. Dec. 10 in Dept. 13.

Court records show that on Sept. 18, Judge Angus I. Saint-Evens ordered a general psychological evaluation of Mehard to be conducted by Dr. Sidney Nelson of Scripps Psychological Associates, Inc. in Sacramento.

The report on the evaluation was to remain confidential and only be sent to Mehard’s attorney. Leahann Alcazar, an assistant public defender, is representing Mehard.

John Lyman, supervising attorney for the Placer County Public Defender’s office, filed a declaration of conflict of interest in the case on Sept. 12. It would have required Mehard be represented by another firm, but it had been withdrawn the following day, a spokesperson from the Placer County Public Defender’s office said.

The declaration said the man Mehard allegedly stabbed had been previously represented by the public defenders office in a case closed Aug. 8 on a plea to carrying a concealed dirk, which is a type of dagger.

“It is alleged that (the alleged victim) was crashing at Mehard’s apartment, sleeping on (sic) mattress on the floor. Mehard was upset and stabbed (the man) in the neck/back with (the man’s) knife,” according to the declaration. “It is believed Mehard has mental health issues.”

Messages left for Lyman Monday and Tuesday were not returned.

According to Auburn police, officers responded to a call at 3:38 a.m. from the 24-hour CVS pharmacy on Elm Street, where the victim walked to seek help – about a mile from the alleged attack.

Police arrested Mehard in an apartment building on the 100 block of Pleasant Avenue in Auburn, which borders the fairgrounds.

According to court documents, Mehard sought to have his bail reduced, but the Placer County District Attorney said that he is a “great risk” to the public and victim’s safety, and because the alleged crime carries a life sentence, he is also a flight risk.

“The Defendant entered his apartment to find the victim, an acquaintance to the defendant, asleep on a mattress in the front of the apartment, which according to the victim was not unusual,” the DA states in its opposition to bail reduction. “The Defendant grabbed a knife that was lying next to the victim and stabbed the victim in the neck, while telling him he was going to kill him.”

Along with the attempted murder charge, Mehard faces a second felony count of assault with personal use of a deadly weapon.


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