Psychotropic drugs harm

Reader Input
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There is a lot of violence all over the world. Do you ever wonder why? Did you know that 100 million people worldwide are now on psychotropic drugs? These drugs cause serious adverse reactions including hallucinations, psychosis, hostility, life-threatening diabetes, heart irregularities, stroke and death. When prescribed to children, they can cause violent behavior, psychosis, hallucinations, obesity, stunted growth, seizures, convulsions and suicide, to name a few! There are now more than 20 million children worldwide being prescribed these drugs (at least 9 million in the U.S.), and in some countries to children 5 years old or younger. Every 20 seconds a child in the U.S. takes an antidepressant so dangerous that the FDA has issued its strongest “black box” warning, alerting the public that these drugs can cause suicidal thoughts and actions. If they’re so dangerous, then why is the FDA approving them? Why do psychiatrists continue to prescribe them? The drugs cause the violent behavior, but then the psychiatrists use that to call for more “mental health help” for people — more of the drugs. It’s time to place the responsibility where it lies — with the “cozy” threesome: psychiatry, who falsely diagnoses and prescribes these drugs in order to rake in billions of insurance money, the drug companies who make billions in profits, and the corrupt FDA with their drug company rep “advisory board” who approves these dangerous drugs. Americans need to wake up and direct their wrath toward the right targets. Marcia Winborne-Graven, Auburn