Public can’t vote in the boardrooms

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Health care reform is in my mind and the mind of most of the people I talk to. This is the first time in a long time that our government has tried to do what is right for the average person. Now the Republicans are fighting this tooth and nail and their premise is that a government option would hurt the insurance industry and lead us down the slippery slope to socialism. I have to wonder where the people who are against a government option are coming from, because it’s becoming apparent to average Joes like me that the Republican motto is if it doesn’t hurt me then it doesn’t hurt. I think we all know that rather you feel it or not things hurt sometimes more then should be allowed. Which leads me to the insurance industry, how many times do we have to hear about people being denied coverage or canceled or priced right out of being able to afford coverage? My Health care Insurance has gone up an average of 30 percent a year for the last 5 years and all I had done was one blood test and a x-ray both of which the only thing the doctor would do was give me a pill. I guess that it’s ok but it doesn’t seem like I got my 17,000 dollar a year premiums and 30 dollar co-pay for the visit and the blood test and the x-ray and any other thing they might do worth. Heaven forbid if I want to the emergency room 200 dollars got admitted to the hospital 100 dollars a night, remind me why am I paying $17,000 a year in premiums. So Mr. Willard F. Schmehl of Cool if you think all 259 million people you say have health insurance are happy think again I even know some die in the wool Republicans who aren’t very happy with their Health insurance. I tried to get on that policy where I pay the first 1500 a year out of pocket then that insurance covers the rest, but I was told that I would have to get that on my own and would probably be denied because of my moderate high blood pressure. Go figure these guys would rather loose me as a customer then give me a break. I can only figure that they think now that I’m getting older I might cost them. I guess that the over $100,000 I paid them over the last 20 years doesn’t count for anything. Would you be surprised if I told you that I would not shed a tear if the insurance carriers had come down to earth and stop their unethical practices or go out of business? They have had a long long time to make things fair, and choose to just rape us instead. Now as for that socialism thing being labeled on anything the right is afraid of or wants to domineer. Why don’t you look it up and see what the dictionary says it is. I think you’ll find a lot of socialism in the good ole U.S.A. because when any group gets together and collectively bargains or purchases anything it’s socialism. So that would make our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and so on socialist how terrible. In fact the insurance industry would be one of the biggest contributors to socialism offering those socialist group rates. Think about it who tied your health insurance to where you work? Why can’t you just go out and get the same deal a big cooperation gets because the insurance industry won’t allow it. Example if the government had taken over the banks and restructured them to help us, instead of bailing them out and letting them do as they saw fit, you people with Chase credit cards wouldn’t be getting notices saying that their raising your interest rate to 29.9 percent. How is that helping you? The reason they didn’t was because then it was labeled as socialism. So now the banks are back to business as usual you still lost the equity in your home and your retirement money. Alls well on Wall Street but not on Main Street. People don’t let this right wing media propaganda stop the government from doing what’s right for once. Remember we live in a Democracy or Obama wouldn’t be president right now. He says he wants to get this one right, well I don’t think there is any person that can fix our broken health care system with just one bill. So the bill that we do pass needs to have a government option in it and the ability to be modified as need arises until it is acceptable by the majority of the voters then put on the ballot and made unchangeable in 2012. Lets see if the Republicans want to run on a platform of we don’t want you to have affordable health care. This is too important to sit on your hands, go ahead and write your congressman. Better yet you people who are good at social networking or organizing get on the internet and get people to hold rallies at their state capitals to show their wishes. I think a conservative Democrat who is sitting on the fence might think different about what that lobbyist is saying to him if 50,000 people picket his home state capital with signs that say if you vote no on a government option healthcare plan we well vote no on you. Obama is right if we don’t demand that they pass something, then big business well eventually crush this thing. And you don’t get to vote in their boardrooms! DOUG TRAGLIO, Auburn