Public earnings unsustainable

Reader Input
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Fox News recently reported that the average government worker makes around $70,000 a year. (In California it’s around $85,000.) The average private sector employee makes around $40,000! How can this be? Those being supported make twice as much as those doing the supporting. The answer – government employee unions. In the private sector unions are self-limiting in that they don’t want to sink the ship that supports them all. But, as Wally Reemelin, president of the League of Placer County Taxpayers notes, in the public sector there is “no bottom.” Now we know why California and other blue states cannot pay their bills. We now have a new meaning for “sharing the wealth.” It cannot be sustained, not in California and not in our country. The supporting sector just cannot afford it. It’s time for a pay cut! FRED COLBURN, Meadow Vista