Public safety no place to pinch pennies

Reader Input
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Unlike Mr. (Knight) Wagner of Colfax (Reader Input, June 8), I live in the Newcastle Fire District service area and will be paying an additional $175 if the proposed legislation is adopted. However, I’ve seen the scorch marks close to the Castle City mobile homes when the firefighters stopped “a small cigarette fire along Highway 80.” And when I rolled my tractor, they were the first responders. Not a “fender-bender,” but close enough. I checked with my insurance agent and found that closing the Newcastle fire station won’t actually make a significant difference in my premium — can’t get much higher than a fire rating of 9. Folks who live closer to the station and/or a hydrant would probably get a different answer. But the local firefighters’ timely responses helped save my next door neighbor’s life and have been a comfort with various medical situations in my own family. So I’ll grit my teeth and vote yes for the additional assessment. I want a local fire station manned by people who get paid better than $8.50 an hour. I’d hate to think that the EMT who might have saved my life took a better paying job flipping burgers. Susan Nielsen, Newcastle