Public school funding lacks sense

Reader Input
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Foresthill teacher Dianne Foster posed a very pertinent question about school funding (Reader Input, Dec. 29, 2010): Why isn’t public education money getting to the classroom? Other questions might also be asked, such as: Why do we need the Federal Government to tell us how to educate our children? Why do state legislators need to tell us how to run our schools? Is the public so uneducated it can’t be involved through local school boards? Can’t we have local school boards, elected by the parents of students attending those schools, to set the standards they want achieved by their children? Aren’t our teachers educated well enough to teach our children? Why do we need over-bloated bureaucracies filled with school administrators? What is the ratio of money spent for administration vs. money actually reaching the teachers in their classes? Come on educators, politicians, labor leaders, and journalists, tell us the truth! State, federal and union elitists are running our public school systems. New Zealand fired all of their school administrators in one day, because 70 cents of every dollar was being swallowed up by school administration. They converted 4,500 schools to control by local boards of trustees elected by parents. And they made it possible for private schools to be funded in the same manner. When will the citizens of this state rise up and demand local control of our schools, higher standards for students, and better funding for our classroom teachers? Beryl Smith, Auburn