Public trough showing strain

Reader Input
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Regarding Gus Thomson’s article in Sunday’s Journal (June 12). A top-to-bottom review of salaries, perks, benefits, pensions. The whole enchilada. Safety (cops and fire), academia(from supervisor down to the support staff) and anywhere the taxpayer money goes to support Placer County. Could we have transparency? (County CEO) Tom Miller points out that compared to other counties the wages here are fair. But when you have public employees establishing other public employees’ wages it becomes a never-ending circle. What we have today is a San Diego problem, a Vallejo problem and who can forget Bell? How many other cities, counties are broke and yet to be heard from? We must have people at arm’s length who don’t have a horse in the race to have input on who gets what and how much. With public employees never leaving the payroll after retirement is just not sustainable. Sorry, guys, but teachers, cops, firefighters, nurses, should be paid their worth but then go away when you retire and support your own health care, your own 401K, but just get off the taxpayers’ payroll. JAMES McKESSON, Auburn