Public workers better earn their keep

Reader Input
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The state is out of money, right? It’s a joke to see a large firetruck pull up to a grocery store, with six firemen. Last time I checked, it didn’t take more that one to shop for groceries. It’s not a joke to see a cop take an old lady while three law enforcement officers watch, because she wouldn’t get out of her car. It’s no joke to see three cop cars at a simple traffic stop. It’s no joke when a fire gets out of control because a fireman’s courage is left at the firehouse. It also seems after a couple of years as a firefighter they go on permanent disability for one reason or another. I suggest people who work for the state or county “wake up.” You are being watched by the rest of us, and believe me we do not like what we see. If you voted for change, well now is the time for it. Let’s start at home. It’s not hard to realize why we now have a furlough Friday. The governor knew Friday was a non-productive day, so why should taxpayers pay them? Lastly, thank God for our servicemen, they are brave and courageous in protecting us, and they get paid squat! Yes, it is definitely time for a change! KNIGHT WAGNER, Colfax