Punish those copper thieves

Reader Input
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Three-hundred pounds of copper cable used to tie down Placer County Water Agency water pipes can be sold for scrap at $2.40 a pound — as reported by the Auburn Journal (Aug. 14) — $720 in all worth of copper at the scrap yard. PCWA’s risk manager says the area is generally inaccessible and may require climbing gear. PCWA estimated the replacement cost at about $20,000. I am sure labor is factored into that cost. I wonder how much the thieves cost and overhead was for their $720 of scrap copper. These copper thieves must be stopped, or hired to install the new cables at their incredibly cheap labor cost and ability to access the area. Their thievery has a big domino effect against the PCWA ratepayers getting ripped off! Copper thieves at $720 plus PCWA $20,000 totals $20,720. I am certainly no advocate for these thieves who steal from us. The $720 is petty theft, however because it was taken from a public utility that makes it a felony. They should be punished, if caught. PCWA, all I can say is wow! Albert Burn, Auburn