Put America’s welfare first

Reader Input
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It’s no wonder we have no jobs or economic vitality. We didn’t invest in our own economic structure. We failed to protect the interests of the American people. We’ve bankrupted our country on war — over a trillion dollars wasted on conflicts which do not economically benefit the American public. There are no tangible dividends from war. We’ve wasted lives and money when we should have been taking care of people in this country. We have failed our people! While we continue to provide economic and military aid to other countries, our people have no jobs. We have failed them. Our disloyal policies are coming back to haunt us! In our pathetic thinking we have left out our obligation to the American people. We are like the Roman Empire. They tried to conquer the world but destroyed themselves from within, just like us. This is what happens when you don’t put domestic issues first. You create a problem of your own doing and eventually consume yourself out of your own ignorance. When you fail your own society, you weaken yourself from within. This is what America has done to itself. We need to stop our foolishness before we destroy ourselves from no help from outside enemies. We must focus on ourselves and provide for the American people. They have been denied too long and its time our inept government helps them. They don’t need words; they need support! This also applies to the wealthy. They need to take some action to show some loyalty towards their own country. We all need to do our part to make America a better place to live in. ALLEN CASSIDY, Auburn