Put brakes on government

Reader Input
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The trustworthiness of the free market economy (as compared with the government) is actually reinforced by the likes of Enron, Goldman-Sachs, Bernie Madoff, etc. As I recall, Enron went out of business, Bernie is in jail, and Goldman is just beginning to pay the price for its alleged wrong-doing. When was the last time a government agency went out of business or otherwise paid the price for abuse of its “customers?” The free market system did not bring us the sins of these entities, but rather it was individual dishonesty. One reason I love the free market is because it swiftly and with crushing force punishes those who do not abide by the generally accepted rules of society. If you feel that some private sector business has done wrong, then you can take immediate action which is to not buy anything from them ever again. If enough of your fellow citizens agree with you then that business will not prosper and could go out of business completely. That kind of power is simply not available to you when dealing with government agencies because they do not fear their customers. This is why the idea of limited government is so appealing. Grant Shaw, Auburn