Put government on strict diet

Reader Input
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In 1787 the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia to address the shortcomings in the Articles of Confederation. The delegates knew that they would have to create some form of Central Government but they feared doing so. These were wise and educated men who knew the history of the rise and fall of nations. They knew that by creating a Central Government strong enough to protect them it would also be strong enough to enslave them. The compromise they hit upon was to create that government but at the same time create a shield to protect themselves from it. That shield is the Constitution. The Constitution as adopted was not designed to empower government but to limit it. All governments, whether federal, state or local, are living organisms with a life of their own. All living things only know how to do two things: grow or die, and government does not want to die. Government has now grown to the point that they endanger the prosperity of the people they were created to serve. There is no point in our trying to restrain the growth of these governments, they will ignore us. Their survival is more important to them than our prosperity. We the people have but one option left open to us to safeguard our liberty. Starve the beast. We must cut off their pipeline into our wallets. This will be painful but necessary if we are to pass on to the next generation the America we grew up in. GEORGE P. HORAN, Auburn