Put granola bar on speed dial

Reader Input
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Warning Auburnites! As I was driving down Highway 49 yesterday, eating a granola bar, I was pulled over and given a ticket for talking on my cell phone. I explained to the officer that I was eating (and still had the granola bar in my hand) and that it may have been misconstrued as a cell phone, but it wasn’t. He looked puzzled and gave me a ticket. Logic did not prevail in this situation. As I was driving away I saw another women, in her late 70s, get pulled over. I doubt she even had a cell phone. Nice way to make some money, (California) Highway Patrol! So citizens, don’t eat, chew gum, talk, use sign language or pick your nose, or you may be the next victim of a hefty ticket! P.S. See you in court! Michelle O’Brien, Auburn