Put lives ahead of developers’ profits

Reader Input
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This is a not a letter of opposition to the Baltimore Ravine development, but is a strong opposition to use Herdal (Drive) as the main entrance. We are homeowners with access off Herdal. We are concerned about the noise that will emanate from the movement of 750 new homeowners times four trips a day through our neighborhood. We are in fear of the unsafe traffic conditions that will be created. Left turns from the business centers at Herdal and Auburn Folsom (Road) will be suicidal due to the lack of vision of vehicles coming from the west up and over the hump in the road on Herdal. If “no left turn” signs were posted, the drivers would be forced into unsafe U-turns as no exit is available. There are three roads that enter Herdal approximately 100 feet apart. How many stop signs are too many? The left turn off the first entry is already dangerous. There was comment about fire engine access to the new development. How many deaths occur from fire in Auburn vs. traffic accidents? The City Council may as well rename Herdal Accident Alley as that is what they would be creating. The logical entry for Baltimore Ravine is Pacific (Street) with its open space and lack of congestion all the way into the project. Let’s put lives ahead of developers’ profits and not go the cheapest way, but the safest. We value our lives. Leonard and Shirley Smith, Auburn