Put our country back on track

Reader Input
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I read the letter Ed Saiz wrote about “Is Romney a true citizen?” (Reader Input, April 4). Yes, Ed, you are a Democrat and I can tell you “the jackass” in Washington has not proved himself even after he has been asked to prove himself. According to letters and articles in the papers, his (Barack Obama’s) birth certificate has been falsified, saying he was born in Hawaii. The “jackass” has put our country in “hell” and if people are stupid enough to vote for him, our United States of America will be gone. It’s about time we take care of our own. I am saying American citizens. My in-laws came from Germany, are American citizens, learned to speak English and worked hard in construction. They were asked to speak English to the children, which they did. They spoke German at home. How wonderful they learned to speak two languages. Come on, people. Get our country back to the U.S. of America not the “jackass’s” United Nations. God bless America. Dee Nann, Christian Valley