Put our own before Martians

Reader Input
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Why is the federal government letting the United States Postal Service go bankrupt? Why are we giving billions of dollars to countries that hate us? Why are we spending billions of dollars to explore Mars? Why does the Pentagon need so much money? Instead of bailing out the big banks whose corporate leadership makes millions of dollars for each individual through bonuses and severance pay, why don’t we bail out the Postal Service and save thousands of jobs of middle-class Americans? Why doesn’t the government realize how many multimillionaires are being made by giving our taxpayers’ hard-earned money to corrupt governments, whose leaders are crooks that hate us but love our money? Keep our money at home. What possible good is spending billions to explore Mars going to do us? Why don’t we explore the oceans more? The oceans are right here at home and are known to contain a lot of resources beneficial to all mankind. Why does the Pentagon need to waste so much money? I’m not against helping other countries that need help. But remember the old saying? Let’s teach them to fish so they can eat for a lifetime, not just give them fish every day so they eat one day at a time. Let’s take care of our own first. I’m just a simple man that has a lot of questions. I’m drinking a beer right now wondering why can’t the government be run by regular God-fearing ordinary country-loving, family-oriented people instead of a bunch of no-good politicians. JOOP TENTY, Auburn