Quarterback claim bogus

Reader Input
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Re: “Young Denham waiting his turn at Placer” by Todd Mordhorst (Sierra Scoop, Oct. 16). Call a spade a spade. (Pete) Denham did not come to Placer after his sophomore year at D.O. already started because he wanted to go to school in his community or because Joey (Montoya) is Christian. He and his father decided to quit a team he was already on and quit a school he was already going to for the past year-plus to come to Placer to try and get a starting spot on Placer’s varsity team next year. They decided to go to Del Oro long ago when Joey came along and implemented the Wing T, then when Peter was not the starting QB at D.O. they decide to bail on their team and school. Peter hasn’t proven himself at all during his one year of football to warrant this (column) or this conversation. For the Denhams or the paper to assume he will get the starting position is preposterous, especially considering all the talent already at Placer. Joey and the coaching staff are smart and they won’t allow the dad to try and pull their strings like a puppet. With the Denhams deciding to go to Del Oro and then to come crawling to Placer when things aren’t going their way is a complete slap in the face. J. M. CRANSTON JR., Newcastle