Questions cloud child’s shooting death

Reader Input
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In response to Angela Collier’s letter of May 21, “Where is letter writer’s heart?,” I totally agree the death of a child is tragic. But we are yet to know how and why she died based on information from the Sheriffs Department. Here could be two options as to why. Option one: She entered the garage undetected by her father. She pulled a .40 caliber handgun from an open safe, having the knowledge and physical strength to cock it back, loading a bullet into the chamber, then pull back the firing pin, and then point it toward herself and push (not pull) the trigger. Option two: She entered the garage undetected, picked up an already loaded, cocked, ready to fire weapon from an open gun safe and again held it facing herself and managed to fire it. Where does responsibility and child endangerment cease to be a criminal action in this case? So, what really happened? Cher Burke, Auburn