Questions for McClintock

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Congressman Tom McClintock once again voted against the 9/11 First Responders Bill. The congressman was unavailable for comment, so I thought maybe the editors could get a response to “Why?” These guys lost their jobs, had to pay for their own medicine, and the full cost of medical plans on unemployment — all the time still coughing up wet cement. Over 600 have died already, so waiting is not an option. The bill is paid in full according to the Congressional Budget Office by Sec. 301, the excise tax on overseas offices that use the Cayman Islands to avoid paying corporate income tax. Is that why, Mr. McClintock, you voted to have the men and woman who ran in the direction of danger, to try and find “every single human being” they could, alive or dead, because that was their job? The federal government said the air was safe. People had parked their cars on the road to run in and help. And now, Mr. McClintock, you want to protect corporate offices from paying any U.S. government taxes by keeping their tax loop holes? Is that why Mr. McClintock? If it was not to protect these corporations from losing their tax loop-holes, then why sir, why? Dink Lane, Garden Valley