Questions re: high speed train

Reader Input
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In a recent article I just finished reading; the article stated that California’s high speed train would cost $50 billion. California voters were told the cost would be $9 billion. I have a few questions that none of our elected officials will answer. So, in desperation, I am asking the intelligent readers of the Auburn Journal a few questions hoping someone will give me an answer to some troubling questions I have. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 1. How can California afford a high speed train when many cities are laying off policemen, firemen, teachers and other city workers? 2. Traffic problems. Will this high speed train reduce traffic congestion in Sacramento, the Bay Area and Los Angeles? 3. Will our highways, bridges and overall infrastructure be improved? 4. Our state had a $29 billion shortfall. Gov. (Jerry) Brown has had to make some drastic cuts. Where is the $50 billion coming from? Will we have to raise taxes on auto registration fees, gasoline tax, sales tax and possibly property tax to finance this train? 5. How many years before this new high speed train will be self-supporting? Or will this train be subsidized by the state and federal government for years to come? 6. One final question. Why did Florida return the money that the federal government gave them and decided against any type of a high speed rail system? The answers to the above questions would greatly be appreciated. Please use simple language that I can understand. I would like to know how this train is going to be built without costing every Californian thousands of dollars. If the rest of the states spent money like California, we would be in the middle of a depression rather than a recession. Thank you. GARY L. MARTINEZ, Auburn