Quit bashing only senior drivers

Reader Input
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I take exception to what I consider senior driver bashing. The fact that I have not seen anyone allude to is those who are considered poor senior drivers were poor younger drivers. Pay attention to who is driving the vehicle when you observe a dangerous or stupid move by a driver. (They are) mostly younger or middle-aged drivers that start and stop too rapidly, follow too closely, and dangerously cut in and out of traffic at the last instant. These dangerous drivers are not proactive, they are reactive and do not anticipate driving conditions. This includes commercial drivers who are a serious danger because of the size vehicle they are driving. Motorcyclists are not exempt from stupidity, either. Of all the drivers who should have driving as their No. 1 priority it is the motorcyclists. The common comment by a motorcyclist is “They didn’t see me.” My response, “Duh, Sherlock, who is in the most danger?” If you aren’t smart enough to look for and avoid danger, stay off a motorcycle. I am 75 years old and carry a class 1 driver’s license with multiple endorsements in addition to tour bus and motorcycle. I consider myself an excellent driver, because I pay attention to driving, not eating, drinking, sight-seeing or telephoning or the other stupid things people do while driving. If the DMV gave a comprehensive written and driving examination, I am sure more poor drivers would be removed from the road. On that note, the DMV at one point (possibly more ) dumbed-down the driving examination because too many people were failing. Sounds like our schools doesn’t it? Bill Carpenter Sr., Auburn