Quit hitting up taxpayers

Reader Input
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I listen and read that the proponents of the measures are disappointed and threaten the public with less services and less response time. Hogwash! All I hear is that these groups want more and more money from the taxpayers. Well, most of us taxpayers are maxed out already with regular bills and taxes and the workforce is not the same as it was back in the ?50s, ?60s and early ?70s, when a person received a 25 cent raise yearly. Now these companies think they?re doing you a great favor by giving you a nickel raise. Where do these groups think all this money is coming from? If they need more money then get off their butts and earn it. Hold bake sales, car washes, yard sales or whatever it takes to generate the funds, but don?t expect the taxpayers to hand over more money while you sit on your butt and complain. When our school program needed more money or our Boy Scout pack needed money we went door to door with candy bars to generate the funds. Gas prices are up, food costs more and the general living expenses have made it so that both a husband and wife have to work in order to survive, so let?s not look to the poor taxpayer to supplement needed funds but find other answers. Donald Adams, Auburn