Quitting football was right decision

Reader Input
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In response to the opinions from a story on young Greg Denham (“Denham leaving UC Davis,” Journal, June 4): He didn’t have to tell you anything, but he did. He told you the truth. Some didn’t like it, others didn’t understand it. Within creation physical and spiritual beings (receive) an invitation to walk with God or the ways of the world. This loved one of mine has declared his life and ministry to the living and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to one and all. He has the physical talent and attributes to be a pro football quarterback. But in his spiritual calling, body, soul and spirit, (he’s given) his all, within the heart and soul of his being belongs to God. By his side stands a loving wife, Jannel. Their two souls (are) one in Jesus Christ, within them and from them. May you come to know the victories of life in Jesus Christ that our Heavenly Abba Father has provided. Always in the love and glory of God. HARRY ROACH, Auburn