Racial slur at game not what we’re about

Reader Input
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I’m not inclined, as some of the bloggers on the Auburn Journal’s website are, to debate a kid’s free speech rights to call someone from a visiting team the “n” word. That discussion seems ridiculous to me. I am embarrassed that anyone in our community would show such disrespect to another team visiting our turf (Journal, Nov. 22). Instead of debating it on a blog that most people in Auburn don’t read, I decided to write a letter to the editor at the newspaper in Patterson. Here is my letter to their newspaper: “As a resident of the town of Auburn, I would like to personally apologize to your varsity football team, and your community, for the racial slurs thrown at your team by two bigoted kids from our community. When Patterson High came to town to play our high school (Placer), they came here with pride for what they had accomplished during their season. They are an awesome team and did not deserve the disrespect shown to them by a few emotionally sick 14-year-olds. We are very embarrassed by their actions! This is not what the community of Auburn is all about. We are truly sorry.” Jim Knox, Auburn