Racism oppresses in Loomis

Reader Input online
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Not just my imagination ... My parents lived in Loomis 43 years; me, 6 years, while attending local schools, so I consider the Auburn/Roseville area, points in between, my home. When my mother died in 2003 we did not want her home left vacant, so my daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren left home and family to move to Loomis. Things were fine up until two years ago when both my daughter and son-in-law kept being pulled over. Too many times to be coincidence. The cops would deliberately park across the street and goad them out of their driveway, just to within minutes pull them over, always for lame reasons…windows tinted too dark, necklace hanging from rearview mirror, stickers on back window. Do I think it is racially motivated? Yes! My daughter is half-Mexican, my son-in-law, Mexican. I decided to go to my grandson’s school and observe all the rich, white folk in their Escalades, Suburbans, 99.9 percent all with tinted windows darker than ours, 8” high D.O. stickers on the back, but not once do I see them pulled over! VICKIE VERA, Sun Valley, NV (former Loomis resident)