Rader Input: Congressman should do more, talk less

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A comment about the article, “Congress ushering in new members, with Old Divide” (Journal, Jan. 8), I just wish the Journal would give us more news about how our congressman, Tom McClintock, fits into all of this. I understand he didn’t support the majority of his constituents, once again, because he voted no to “fiscal cliff” solutions that would have given tax breaks to most of us living here who earn less than $400,000 a year.
I guess he wants to make sure the millionaires and billionaires get their “fair share.” He even cold-heartedly voted no, with 67 other Republicans, on an embarrassingly tiny amount of disaster relief funding for those living with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, even though this bill had no pork in it.
What good does this man ever do in Congress? All he does is collect a paycheck, benefits and expense accounts on the taxpayers’ dime, while holding phone conferences to spout off how he thinks the government is spending too much money.
I can’t understand why this district keeps re-electing him when he’s done virtually nothing for our district in the past four years he’s been in Congress.
Leslye Janusz, Auburn