Radio show host beaten east of Auburn

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A local sports personality was involved in a road-rage incident east of Auburn Tuesday. Pat Walsh, KFBK’s sports guy, was driving up Interstate 80 when he let a big rig pull in front of him. At that point a tan Oldsmobile towing a car dolly pulled up beside him and the three men inside the vehicle started yelling and making rude gestures, according to a statement on KFBK’s website. The two vehicles exited the freeway at Applegate and a fight started, said David Martinez, California Highway Patrol spokesman. “There was an altercation,” Martinez said. “Mr. Walsh was subsequently assaulted, hit.” Walsh walked away with a gash in his forehead, a swollen jaw and bruised kidneys, according to KFBK’s website. Martinez said the investigation is still ongoing, so no charges have been made. When the investigation is completed the highway patrol will offer up a summary of charges and it will be up to the Placer County District Attorney’s office to file those charges. “We have contacted at least one of the parties in the other vehicle,” Martinez said. “There are independent witnesses, so that will be helpful.” The best thing to do in road rage situations is to call 911 for help, Martinez said. “These types of incidents happen quite frequently and our recommendation is don’t get out of your car,” he said. ~Bridget Jones