Raises for legislative staffers ill-timed

Reader Input
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As a descendent of John Sutter I take pride in being a Californian but doubt the pride that those in the Legislature take in our state. It would seem that intelligence and logic were absent in the decision to grant raises to staffers. The decision to grant raises was ill-timed and not thoroughly thought out. Do elected officials not remember that state workers were furloughed for three days a month for nearly two years (a pay reduction), that county workers were also furloughed, that teachers were furloughed and millions have lost their jobs? The defensive attitude that the raises are merely $800,000 and within budget is pathetic at best. Anyone that has a business or is involved with budget knows that raises are ongoing and compounding, thus not merely $800,000. County, city, fire, police, school budgets all had money before the state “took” it and most operated within those budgets and actually adopted them on time. Those are just a few of the areas that $800,000 would aid in the education field not to mention the many other areas of government stripped of essential services such as closing of courts for 12 days a year, reduction in child care aid, reduction of in-home care for elderly, and the list goes on. Californians are tired of mismanagement at the highest level and tired of the argument that they work harder. It is time that Californians realize that we all need to pull together to bring our state out of this mess that has been created. Diane Howe, Roseville