Re-circulate Bohemia EIR

Reader Input
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The developer planned a Wal-Mart that would add 7,500 vehicle trips per day at Hulbert Way on Highway 49, three times the existing traffic. But, CalTrans would not approve the increased traffic at that congested location. Then, the developer planned to divert 15 percent of the Wal-Mart traffic to the Canal Street access. CalTrans said OK. So, the developer said at his “Town Hall Meeting,” “… without the Canal Street access, I don’t have a project.” But, Placer County would not approve 15 percent of Wal-Mart traffic on Canal Street. Then, the developer buys a tailor-made “Follow-up Traffic Study” that differs from Placer County’s traffic study. So, CalTrans and Placer County approved all Wal-Mart traffic at that single access point at Hulbert Way on Highway 49. Fact No. 1: Traffic studies use estimates based on any one or a combination of many models. Like all models, it’s easy to change a few factors and achieve a desired result. Fact No. 2: Disregarding the creative model manipulation (for now), the “Follow-up Traffic Study” is a major revision of the Bohemia EIR Traffic and Circulation chapter and related impact issues. Fact No. 3. California statutes (CEQA 15088.5) require that the revised Bohemia EIR be re-circulated. A re-circulated Bohemia EIR will allow the public’s informed response to its revised scope and content. Lee Lively, Auburn