Read Agenda 21 for yourself

Reader Input
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I first heard of Agenda 21 in John Downs’ letter (“Take a look at Agenda 21,” Reader Input, July 30) in which he strongly criticizes Agenda 21, so I did my own research.
Agenda 21 advocates sustainable development, combating poverty among developing nations, control of radioactive waste, combating deforestation and reducing pollution.
Is Downs opposed to these commendable goals?
Agenda 21 was formed in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro as an agenda for the 21st Century with 180 nations adopting the program. Adoption of the plan is voluntary and non-binding. Starting with President George H.W. Bush, every president has adopted Agenda 21 since its formation.
Most of us know that fisheries of the world are becoming depleted, 20 million acres of forests are lost each year, and fresh water is becoming more scarce every year — even in California.
Will people and corporations willingly adopt measures that will sustain our resources? Not likely. Agenda 21 may offer solutions.
Don’t just take my or Downs’ word; I suggest we all educate ourselves about Agenda 21.
Ron Paitich, Auburn