Read fine print behind Prop. 16

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Will ignorant voters do themselves in again? “Ignorant” meaning uninformed. With lots of help from PG&E, voters, by approving PG&E’s Proposition 16, may cost themselves money and greater loss of democracy. PG&E by spending more than $30,000,000 in campaign advertising, along with a well-timed June 1 very slight reduction in their charges, is using the big lie technique to protect itself from competition. The lie is that by passing Proposition 16, taxpayers would be better off financially, when just the opposite is true. Passing proposition 16 would thereafter require a two-thirds majority vote for allowing voters/taxpayers to provide their own electric service, as opposed to such as PG&E. Once again, voters are being enabled to take more democratic rights from themselves — another opportunity to eliminate majority rule. Another opportunity to take power away from the voters, just like what has been done with term limits — and done under the guise of just the opposite. (How about term limits for PG&E?) Let’s all show up and vote no on Prop. 16. Eugene Rippen, Auburn