Read your Constitution

Reader Input
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Memo to John Nightingale (Reader Input, Jan. 12): Characterizing me as a North Korean is ridiculous. How many North Koreans live in Placer County? Further, yes, President Obama said he’d go on without Congress and you took issue with this, citing the Constitution you carry in your pocket. Please read it. Our government is composed of three bodies: executive, legislative and judicial. Constitutionally, they are co-equal. At the present time we have the judicial granting personhood to corporations (Citizens United vs. FEC). We have the legislative signing no-tax pledges to a lobbyist (Grover Norquist) and making overt and public pledges to defeat anything proposed by our duly elected (executive) president of the United States. Do you see any problem here? Maybe you’d like to stop cherry-picking. Oh. About the Pledge of Allegiance. Last night (Wednesday) I placed my hand on my heart and recited it. And then, this morning at the Placer County Planning Commission, I did it again. And I meant every word. Patricia Burke, Newcastle