Reader’s deity point well taken

Reader Input
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Yet another letter appeared recently (Nov. 3) in the Auburn Journal criticizing Kent Campbell for comments he made on Oct. 21 regarding the rescue of the Chilean miners. One of his key points was that those who believe in God see divine intervention in such events as that of the rescue of the miners, yet at other times God seems not to intervene. The logical and obvious question is, why not? None of the letter writers address this point. Could it be that they have no rational explanation for it? Perhaps, if pressed, they would fall back on the old argument that God works in “strange and mysterious ways.” Innumerable other examples could be cited — everything from personal tragedies to national disasters. Where was God in those instances? Moreover, what kind of God would allow such horrific things to happen? The Christian concept of an all-loving, all-powerful deity doesn’t seem to apply in these cases. Mr. Campbell did not state explicitly a personal disbelief in the existence of God, but merely questioned whether such a God intervenes in the affairs of men. This, to my mind, is the real crux of the matter and is an entirely valid issue, one certainly open to debate between thoughtful and open-minded individuals. MARC W. DAVIS, Colfax